The REF-TECH Award is Alive Solar Industries tribute to innovations in the field of Renewable Energy for a better life.The Award highlights the extensive impacts of recently developed Technology and innovation on society, even on humanity at large.

The REF-TECH Award encourages further cutting-edge research and development and is thus not intended as a reward for lifetime achievement. The Award also highlights the Finnish practical and solution-focused mindset – one of the greatest strengths of Finland – to the whole world. Candidates for the Prize are accepted from across the world and all fields of Renewable Energy.
The Second REF-TECH Award will be awarded at RARES 2021.


1. Awarded to Disruptive Technological Innovations that enhance the quality of Power generation from Renewable Energy.

2. The innovations have been Applied In Practice and are delivering extensive change now and in the future.

3. The innovations Stimulate Further Cutting-edge research and development in Power Generation or Power Utilization from Renewable Energy Sources.

Selection Process

All the short listed candidates will be invited At RARES 2021 where they will showcase their developed Technology in Renewable Energy to the Selection committee. Announcement of Award: The Selection committee will Announce the Award at RARES 2021 after reviewing the technology developed and Presented at the RARES 2021. The Award Ceremony will take place the same day.

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee consists of a distinguished network of leading international and Indian scientists and technologists. There are eight people in the Selection Committee. The Chair of the Selection Committee is always a Finn. After each selection round, at least two members of the Selection Committee are replaced. The maximum term of a member is four selection rounds, i.e. eight years.

Chair of the Selection Committee

Dr. Shivlal

Dr. Shivlal

Principal,Engineering College Banswara

Government of Rajasthan

PhD, Renewable Energy IIT Delhi

Mr. L.R. Purusharthy

Mr. L. R. Purusharthy

Member, Mentor Board

Alive Solar Industries

M.S., Mechanical Engineering , PF University,Moscow

Secretary of the Selection Committee

Prof. V.K. Vijay

Prof. Virendra Kumar Vijay

Professor & Head IREDA Chair Professor CRDT, IIT Delhi

Coordinator, Biogas Development & Training Centre (BDTC)

General Secretary, Biogas Forum – India (BiGFIN)

Indian Coordinator, Sustainable Energy Environment (SEE) Forum Network in Asian Countries,

Headquarter: Kyoto University, Japan

Prof. P.K. Jamwal

Prof. P.K. Jamwal

Associate Professor Nazarbayev University

PhD , University of Auckland, New Zealand

Prof. S.C. Kaushik

Prof. S.C. Kaushik

Center of Energy Studies

Indian Institute Of Technology, Delhi

Mr. M.P. Poonia

Dr. M.P.Poonia

Vice Chairman,

All India Council of Technical Education

Government Of India

Dr. Abdual Khaliq

Dr. Abdul Khaliq

Associate Professor,

King Fahd Univ. of Petroleum and minerals

Saudi Arabia

Mr. Deepak

Mr. Deepak Purusharthy

Chief Executive Officer, Purusharthy Power, India


The nomination period begins from 10th February 2021 and ends around 25th February 2021. Nominations from all fields of Renewable Technology can be made by Academies, Universities, Research Institutes and Industrial Organizations. Candidates can be either individuals or research groups, who have largely contributed to the innovation. The Innovation must be original and clearly signifying its contribution to Advances in Power Generation in Renewable Energy Resources. Nominee that holds patent of the Developed technology can also be Nominated. Nominations can be done from across the globe.

Nomination Instructions

  • The nominator must contact the nominee in advance, and ask for his/her acceptance for the nomination.
  • The nomination should include.
    • A Nomination Letter with a concise description of the cited innovation and the underlying technology.
    • An assessment of the present and future impact of the innovation.
    • Identification of the role of each nominee in the innovation process.
  • A concise separate CV must be supplied for each nominee.
  • All nomination material must be presented in English.
  • In case of Patented Technology, Patent Document of the technology that clearly signifies the name of the Nominee in the development of Technology must be presented.
  • Nominations should be accompained by the declaration form of nominated and nominee seperatly.
  • Note : All nominations must be sent with mentioned documents to

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